ACT stands for Applied Creative Technology, where students and teachers work as a team with community business partners to develop real-world design, technical, and business skills. Project-based learning has been “proven to increase long-term retention, improve problem-solving and collaboration skills, and improve student’s attitude toward learning” (J. Strobel, 2009).


For many of us, it was in the shop and art classes that we accelerated and discovered the talents and capabilities that would enrich our lives and inspire our careers. Sadly, over the past few decades, schools across the nation have seen a dramatic shift away from these hands-on creativity and skill-building courses.

Through this innovative program, students will be learning everything from product design and fabrication to branding, marketing and sales. In addition, they will be learning to create digital files and operate high-tech equipment such as laser engravers and CNC routers. In creating these nature-related products, students gain a deeper understanding of the animals and their habitats, while on the business
side, they will be developing their math skills through basic production and accounting exercises. In the making of these wonderful products, students will be building pride and confidence while discovering marvelous new opportunities for personal expression and growth.
We not only strive to help students prepare for a highly technical future, but to develop an inquisitive mindset that leads to a lifelong love of learning and growing.