Principles of Excellence: Full Set


Challenge yourself and excel your artistic skills! Each of the 7 units features a different life principle, brought to life through a compelling story from art history, and focuses on a principle of art, with famous examples from around the world. Students will practice their newly-gained knowledge with a series of art projects that reinforce the theme, and encourage them toward success. 

Once the basics are done, you are encouraged to repeat the assignments with different materials of your own choice. This will help to discover your favorite materials, and to develop a unique personal style.

Follow the Discussion section in the workbook to solidify new information, and analyze your creative experience with Art Reflection questions. Art Reflection rubrics will help with evaluating your own progress.


  • 7 character-building Units
  • Each Unit offers 3–4 art assignments (25 art practices total) 
  • Up to a year of art study


Let your curiosity flourish, get inspired, and experiment with art!

Grade Level
  • Full Set offers:

    • 7 Educational Stories (video-based) 
    • 7 Discussions (in workbook) 
    • 25 Art Projects (video-guided) 
    • Art Focus and inspiration gallery (both workbook & online) for each Unit
    • Art Quiz for each unit (workbook-based)
    • Art Reflection for each unit (workbook-based)
    • Unlimited creativity
    • All necessary art supplies are included!

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