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Our innovative, hands-on art projects are the perfect way to keep your kids engaged, entertained, & excited. 


Rainforest Art Project has designed all inclusive, educational art programs that are fun and inspiring. Children and adults all over California are already enjoying our mosaic art kits and now you can too.

Learn professional mosaic art concepts and techniques. 


For over a decade, Rainforest Art Project has been providing children of all ages with resources and skills to create unique mosaic art while reinforcing their academic studies. 

Get away from screens and be more creative this winter break!

What people are saying

"It was interesting how small pieces of mosaic tiles could take shape into a beautiful piece of art you didn't know you could create. It was kind of magical."

– Phoenix,  student

"Students love the art projects and having their own booklet and art kits. The students have a greater appreciation of art and see themselves as artists."

– Elenor,  3rd grade teacher

"Not only do they learn about climate, geography, social studies, & science, but the art strengthens the meaning and it's amazing... Every student is fully engaged."

– Jim,  4th grade teacher