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We're working to ignite the creative potential in students.

Our Story

National City Pool Install.jpg

We begin working with underserved schools in the Barrio Logan & National City communities of San Diego, creating permanent mosaic artworks with students and their families.

Kaiser Wall 3.jpg
Healing Art

We partner with the Success Optimist Club and the San Diego Zoo to bring therapeutic art experiences to cancer patients at Kaiser Permanente Zion. The program’s success brought partnerships with Rady’s Children Hospital and Children’s Hospital Central California.

Seeley Library.jpg
School Partnerships

School beautification projects, designed and created with school students and teachers in San Diego and Imperial Valley, CA. 

Perkins Seven Virtues 2.jpg
Lifelong Friends

We begin a lasting partnership with Burnham Foundation and Perkins Elementary School to provide hands-on art experiences to multiple generations of students.

Imperial Splash Park Detail.jpg
New Connections.jpg
City of Mosaics

We work with community members in the City of Imperial to create hundreds of mosaic artworks that transformed the entire city. 

New Connections Launched

We develop our first classroom art program, New Connections, in collaboration with school teachers in both San Diego and the Imperial Valley. 

Wilson tiger.jpg
Growing Creative Family

Partnership with Price Charities Foundation to serve schools and families in the City Heights community of San Diego.

Paradise PRES Unveil 5.jpg
Rebuilding Paradise

In the aftermath of the devastating Camp Fire, Rainforest Art Project lept into action to help rebuild the city of Paradise, CA, bringing art and healing to hundreds of students and teachers. 

Applied Creative Technology
Kid at Work
Going North

Full-scale studio opens in Chico, CA to serve the counties of Butte, Orland, and Colusa, and support the growing request for creativity in the educational school system.

Nationwide Expansion

After decades working with schools, we launch online to bring educational creativity programs directly to families. 

Why People Love Us

I love how simple you’ve made this program for teachers and kids!

— Katerina, teacher & mother

I have been teaching art in a classroom setting for 12 years and have tried many different programs, this was by far the most simple, easy, & valuable!

— Ashley, art teacher & mom

I love the additional activities in the workbooks, they were especially helpful to a non-creative parent.

— Tatiana, mom

Students are not only learning, but they are also enjoying what they are doing.

— Matt, principal & dad

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Check Out Our Blog

Read articles written by our founder, Dan Evers, about the impact of art in schools and how Rainforest Art Project is determined to make a difference in local communities.

Meet Our Fearless Team

We are a team of professional artists and educators who have come together with a strong belief: creativity is the most important skill a child can learn—and it can be taught.

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Dan Evers

Founder & CEO

Blank Image.jpg

Luke Meyer

Web & Graphic Designer

Blank Image.jpg

Leanna Lunsford

Regional Representative — Northern California

Blank Image.jpg

Maria Titova

Executive Director

Blank Image.jpg

Thais Gonzalez

Mosaic & Graphic Artist

Blank Image.jpg

Cristina Salazar Saucedo

Regional Representative — Imperial Valley, CA

Blank Image.jpg

Elizabeth E. Gonzales

Executive Assistant

Blank Image.jpg

Brenda Wade

Mosaic Artist & Instructor

Blank Image.jpg

Karina Tislyuk

Social Media Coordinator

Blank Image.jpg

Elena Cebo

Program Coordinator

Blank Image.jpg

JoJo Laoretti

Mosaic Artist

Blank Image.jpg

Ralph Young

Mosaic Artist & Cinematographer

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