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AGES 12+

Advanced Concepts Made Practical

A young boy wearing goggle, creating mosaic art at school

Inspiring creative excellence.

With our challenging and engaging programs developed for young adults (and the young at heart—all ages welcome!), you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to unlock a new level of creativity and self-esteem.

The projects are clearly structured, but leave plenty of room for you to express your own thoughts and feelings as you explore science, math, history, and art from a new angle.

What You Get

Vibrant Workbooks

Easy-to-follow student and teacher workbooks, filled with compelling projects, art assignments, & inspiration.

Engaging Videos

Professional presenters make art techniques and topics easy to understand through guided online art lessons.

All Supplies

No more prep work! Individually-packaged art supplies and all materials are included so you have everything you need.

Unlimited Potential

Packages may contain lifelong memories & unexpected smiles. Some creativity required. Keep within reach of children. 


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Log Cabin History


Log Cabin History

Log Birdhouse


More Than an Art Program


More Than an Art Program

Principles of Excellence


Watercolor Stories


Watercolor Stories

Watercolor Stories


History of Mosaics


History of Mosaics

Mosaic Mirror


Ancient Gardens


Ancient Gardens

Stepping Stone


North American History


North American History

New Connections: Level 5


History of Piracy


History of Piracy

Treasure Box


Why People Love It

A young girl wearing goggles, creating mosaic art at school

 I have been teaching art in a classroom setting for 12 years and have tried many different programs, this was by far the most simple, easy, and valuable!

— Ashley, Art teacher

I haven’t studied art or drawn since I was in high school. On a whim I took the Watercolor Stories course. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it, and having fun with the course has been a highlight of my day for the last week.

— Susan, young at heart

Challenge & creativity for ages 12+

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