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Hands-On Projects for All Ages

About Explorations

About Explorations

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Perfect for homeschool, after school programs, & distance learning

Travel through time and around the world, learn history with vivid videos, and create your own artworks with the help of step-by-step videos. Pick and choose the projects by topic or difficulty level, and enjoy the practice opportunities that will leave you better equipped to work on larger-scale mosaic masterpieces.   


While this program is super engaging and fun, it is also highly informative and enjoyable by people of all ages and grades—even adults!

What You Get

Vibrant Workbooks

Easy-to-follow student and teacher workbooks, filled with compelling projects, art assignments, & inspiration.

Engaging Videos

Professional presenters make art techniques and topics easy to understand through guided online art lessons.

All Supplies

No more prep work! Individually-packaged art supplies and all materials are included so you have everything you need.

World Travel

Each lesson takes you and your students on an exciting journey to a different time and place. Adventure awaits!

Sample Projects

Mosaic Stepping Stone 2 copy.jpg

Stepping Stone

AGES 10+

Mosaic Mirror cover 1.jpg

Mosaic Mirror


Treasure Box 2.JPG

Treasure Box



Japanese Blossoms



Mixed Media Owl



Log House

AGES 10+


Mosaic Mirror

Hands-On Fun

Instructional videos and tips from the workbook help students design, assemble, and decorate their own mosaic mirror.

Travel Through History

Students are introduced to the history of mosaics, and compare and contrast the styles and techniques of different cultures and times. 

High-Quality Materials

All necessary supplies are individually packaged and ready to go.

Mosaic Mirror cover 1.jpg

Vibrant Workbooks

Colorful workbooks for each student filled with step-by-step instructions, design inspiration, and additional activities (plus a Teacher's guide with details and tips).

All Projects Include

Simple Format

Each book has a clear structure which makes it easy to plan each art session with your students.

Step-by-Step Videos

Top-notch video lessons make teaching art easier than ever. 

Professional Development

All our programs are created in collaboration with professional artists, educators, and parents. 

Technical Support

We respond quickly and personally, and are always eager to help. 

Online Resources

Easily navigate through the different lessons and view brilliant historical artworks at a size everyone can see. 

Free Shipping

On orders within the continental United States.

Get in touch with us to learn more or start a purchase order.

Fill out our request form and a member of our team will contact you to provide more details, answer your questions, and develop a custom plan for your school.

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Why people love Explorations

Explorations Child.jpg

Not only do they learn about climate, geography, social studies, and science, but the art strengthens the meaning as well.  It's easy for the kids to follow along and every student is fully engaged.

— Jim, 3rd grade teacher

Art is an avenue for helping many of our students connect to school and discovering something about themselves they didn’t know they had.

— Fernando, elementary school principal

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