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Our programs inspire students and teachers to be creative and solve problems, while learning exciting things about history, art, & the world. 

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New Connections
Creativity Program — K–5th Grade

Age-appropriate academic studies reinforced with art concepts, creative projects, and art-based activities.

P Boost creativity     P Topics link to Social Studies

P Pre-packaged supplies     P Instructional videos

P As low as $22 per student for 15 weeks of art

Full Program Offers:

• 5 educational Stories (video-based)

• 10 Discussions (in workbook) 

• 10 Mini Art Projects (workbook-based)

• 5 main Art Projects (video-guided)

• 5 topic-related Extensions (interesting facts, literacy, etc.) 

• Art Focus & inspiration galleries (online and in workbook)

• Unlimited creativity

VoE FULL Book.jpg
Principles of Excellence  
More than an Art Program — Grades 6th & up

Advanced art techniques challenge students while engaging them in history and valuable life principles. Each of the 7 units features a different life principle, brought to life through a compelling story from art history; and focuses on a different principle of art, with famous examples from around the world.

P Instructional videos     P Pre-packaged supplies   

P Character development     P Fundamental art skills

P As low as $49 per student for 24 weeks of art

Full Program Offers:

• 7 educational Stories (video-based)

• 7 Discussions (in workbook)

• 25 Art Assignments (video-guided)

• Art Focus & inspiration galleries (in workbook and online)

• Art Quiz for each unit (workbook-based)

• Art Reflection for each unit (workbook-based)

• Unlimited creativity

Mosaic Mirror cover 1.jpg
Hands-On Projects — All Ages

Students explore different cultures and traditions while learning art concepts and mosaic techniques. Individually packaged kits are perfect for after-school programs, summer school, and distance learning.

P Fully customizable     P Pre-packaged supplies   

P History-inspired projects    P Project-based learning

P As low as $12 per student (depends on the project)

Each Kit Includes:

• All necessary materials

• Teacher and student workbooks

• Inspiration images

• Engaging, educational activities

• Complimentary art supplies

• Unlimited creativity

Paradise PRES Unveil 5.jpg
Custom Community Art

Multiple layers of art integration prepares students to help design and create a permanent mosaic art installation for their school campus or community.

P Student involvement     P Highlight school spirit   

P Professional mosaic training     P Build confidence

P Projects for any budget


• Permanent artwork created by students

• Custom design

• All necessary materials and tools

• Professional guidance

• Problem-solving

Included for all programs

Teachers' Training

We work with teachers at all levels of art experience to provide students with nothing but the best.  

Video Subscription

Top-notch video-lessons make teaching art easier than ever. And there's no limit on how many teachers can join your subscription.

Professional Development

All our programs are created in collaboration with professional artists, educators, and parents. 

Technical Support

We respond quickly and personally, and are always eager to help. 

Online Resources

Easily navigate through the different lessons and view brilliant historical artworks at a size everyone can see. 

Unlimited Creativity

Packages contain lifelong memories and unexpected smiles. Keep within reach of children.  

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If you are ordering individual kits for home, check out what we have to offer!

Questions & Answers

Which program is best for my school?

NEW CONNECTIONS: Building creative literacy for K–5th Grade. Aligned with Social Studies topics for each grade level. Perfect for school hours and after-school programs. Foundation for other programs. Learn more. PRINCIPLES OF EXCELLENCE: Character building taught alongside fundamental art skills for 6th–12th Grade. Perfect for school hours and after-school programs. Learn more. EXPLORATIONS: Fun and hands-on individual projects for all ages. Can help to excel skills before moving on to larger Makers projects. Compared to New Connections, Explorations projects have more lengthy sessions, and are a bit more "messy." Perfect for after school programs, or normal school hours that allows a bit more time for each session. Learn more. MAKERS: Permanent public art, designed and created by students. From wayfinding signs and logo medallions, to benches and mosaic sculptures. Learn more.

What are the costs?

NEW CONNECTIONS: Depends on the number of students. As low as $26 per student for 15 weeks of art, including all art materials and general classroom supplies. Price goes down in the second year. Contact us to request a specific quote. PRINCIPLES OF EXCELLENCE: Depends on the number of students. As low as $55 per student for 24 weeks of art (enough for a full academic year), including all of the general classroom supplies, along with custom and traditional art materials. Price goes down in the second year. Contact us to request a specific quote. EXPLORATIONS: From $12 to $30 per stduent, depending on the number of students. Contact us to request a specific quote. MAKERS: Hand-crafted, permament mosaic artworks from $1000 – no limit. Depends on the scale of the project and your budget. Contact us to request a specific quote.

Do I need to have art experience?

Not at all! We designed all our programs to be easy to run at any level, so you can have fun, explore new things, enjoy creative tasks, and admire your work. "There are no mistakes; only happy accidents." — Bob Ross

What supplies do I need?

We provide all necessary materials and supplies, except for paper to cover tables. All supplies are listed in the workbooks, and at the beginning of each project video. For Makers workshops and Explorations, access to water (a sink) is needed.

What if I run out of supplies?

We always pack extra sets for new-coming students, and to account for "happy accidents." If you do need a couple more sets, we will gladly ship you everything you need, free of charge.

How long does each art project take?

NEW CONNECTIONS: Approximately 1–1.5 hours. PRINCIPLES OF EXCELLENCE: Approximately 1 hour, but we recommend extra time for additional practice (optional). EXPLORATIONS: Approximately one hour per session, ranges from 1–5 sessions per project. Refer to your workbook for the number of sessions for your project. MAKERS: Custom and flexible, depending on the size of the project. We plan with you according to your needs and circumstance, and lay out a clear timetable.

What is the prep/clean-up time?

NEW CONNECTIONS: None. PRINCIPLES OF EXCELLENCE: None. EXPLORATIONS: Maximum 10 minutes (for a class of 30 students). MAKERS: Some clean-up and prep will be required, but no more than a typical art class.

Will I need assistance?

Only for the Makers program. Our other programs are designed to be conveniently taught in a distance-learning setting at home, or by 1 teacher with a full-size class. We are always here to provide unlimited technical and advisory support should you need it. We appreciate your feedback and are eager to improve our projects based on your experience.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Office phone number: (619) 236-0068 — Mon-Fri 9am–5pm For deliveries, technical support, access to videos: Rainforest Support Team — For administrative questions: For proposals, quotes, and art related questions:

What is the timeline for each program?

NEW CONNECTIONS: Each grade has 5 Units. Each Unit has 3 Lessons, 1–1.5 hours each. We recommend one hour per week of art learning (3 weeks per Unit). This way, the program will take 15 weeks. PRINCIPLES OF EXCELLENCE: The program has 7 units. Each unit has 4 Lessons (Introduction to the topic, Art Focus, and 3–4 art assignments). We recommend one hour per week of art learning (4 weeks per Unit). This way, the program will take 28 weeks. EXPLORATIONS: Three levels of difficulty, depending on the project and grade level. Beginner: 2 sessions of 1 hour each Intermediate: 2–3 sessions of 1 hour each Advanced: 3–5 sessions of 1 hour each. For example: At 1 hour per week, the Treasure Box can be completed in 1 month. At 1 hour each day for 1 week, the project will take the full week. MAKERS: Custom and flexible, depending on the size of the project. We plan with you according to your needs and circumstance, and lay out a clear timetable.

How do I get a proposal for my school?

1. Tell us you're excited to get started! Then, share with us your goals and needs. 2. You provide us with the grade levels and number of students in each class. We will provide you with an accurate quote, proposal letter, scope of work, timeline, and preliminary designs for mosaic artwork (Makers only). 3. We discuss and adjust the proposal after you review it. As you approve the quote, please submit it with your school district for a purchase order number. We are happy to help with all official paperwork for writing grants and anything else required by your school district.


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