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Principles of Excellence

More Than an Art Program — 6th Grade & Up

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A partnership between the Rainforest Art Project and the Burnham Foundation.


In his book, Community Before Self, philanthropist Malin Burnham details what he calls “seven virtues of excellence.” These principles are the result of lessons learned throughout his amazing life, and provide a roadmap for living a life of purpose and meaning. We believe these principles have the potential to impact our individual quality of life, and serve to improve our schools, neighborhoods, and communities. 


Advanced art techniques taught alongside valuable life principles.

Rainforest Art Project has partnered with the Burnham Foundation to connect these invaluable life lessons with top-notch art instruction in a way that brings added clarity to both subjects. This challenging program is designed for students in grades 6th through 12th, and introduces the fundamental elements of art concepts and principles of design. It is presented in a way which applies clear, visible qualities to concepts which may ordinarily appear abstract and vague to many young adults.​

What's Included

Vibrant Workbooks

Easy-to-follow student and teacher workbooks, filled with compelling projects, art assignments, & inspiration.

Pre-Packaged Supplies

 No more prep work! Individually packaged art supplies and all materials are included so you have everything you need. 

Instructional Videos

Professional presenters make art techniques and topics easy to understand through guided online art lessons.

Life Principles

Each unit focuses on a different virtue that will help your students be more successful, both now and in the future.

Program Summary



Everyone Contributes

The value of teamwork is highlighted through the story of creating the Statue of Liberty—an outstanding example of collaboration and support between hundreds of people from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Also Included

Simple Format

Each unit uses a compelling story from art history to teach a valuable life principle, and focuses on a principle of art, with multiple art exercises.

Video Subscription

Top-notch video lessons make teaching art easier than ever. 

Professional Development

All our programs are created in collaboration with professional artists, educators, and parents. 

Technical Support

We respond quickly and personally, and are always eager to help. 

Online Resources

Easily navigate through the different lessons and view brilliant historical artworks at a size everyone can see. 

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What People are Saying

"I have been teaching art in a classroom setting for 12 years and have tried many programs. This was by far the most simple, easy, and valuable."

– Ashley Reimer, art teacher

"There is a level of engagement that you don't typically see in classrooms, and by that I mean students are not only learning, but they are also enjoying what they are doing."

– Matt Phillips,  high school principal

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Access to online videos and resources (for 1 month)

Learn character-building through art history & hands-on projects

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All workbooks, supplies, and materials shipped to your door

Access to online videos and resources (for 1 year)

Learn character-building through art history & hands-on projects

Unlimited creativity

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