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Architects & Designers

Collaborate With Us

We're excited about the possibility of collaborating with you to integrate our mosaic artworks into your architectural projects. Whether it’s enhancing building façades or enlivening public spaces with vibrant mosaic features, we're confident that our combined expertise can yield truly transformative results.

Empower Your Community Through Creative Mosaics

Our approach to each project is rooted in collaboration, creativity, and community engagement. From initial concept development to final installation, we work closely with stakeholders to ensure the artwork reflects the unique identity and aspirations of the community it serves.


Through hands-on workshops and design sessions, we empower individuals of all ages to contribute their ideas and talents, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the final outcome.


Elevate Spaces with Enduring Works of Art

The mosaic medium offers an outstanding opportunity for community members to participate hands-on in creating enduring, attractive art. Mosaics are known to survive for thousands of years, from ancient Mesopotamia to Pompeii.


With this same dedication to quality and craftsmanship, it is our responsibility as professional designers and artists to deliver world-class results.

Explore Our Versatile Mosaic Portfolio

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from welcome and wayfinding signs to durable custom benches, intricate mosaic murals, and interactive sculptures that invite people to engage with their surroundings.


Each project is tailored to the specific needs and context of its location, resulting in artworks that not only beautify the space, but also serve as catalysts for social connection and dialogue.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

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