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2021 Yearbook: Our Year in Review !

Updated: Jul 7, 2022


Here at the Rainforest Art Project the many pitfalls and triumphs of` this past year can be aptly summarized by the following inspiring quote by actress and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have all had to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances, gaining new skills on the fly and facing challenges head on to make the impossible possible! We feel tremendous pride, gratitude and respect for our team and Creative Family who persevered despite the many obstacles and stresses of the past school year. It has been an honor to work with all the teachers, school leaders and students who dedicated their time, effort and energy into making our ambitious projects happen. Thank you.



To promote creativity and design thinking in the classroom weekly, each of the following schools participated in the Rainforest Art Project’s New Connections Art Program in addition to mosaic projects. SPECIAL thank you to our partners and supporters: Price Charities, VAPA Foundation, and Burnham Foundation who were integral to accomplishing our mission of encouraging creativity and learning and changing the world one piece of art at a time.

1. Normal Heights Elementary School

Here’s to another beautiful year partnering with Normal Heights! Two lasting pieces of community art were combined this year to create a Hawk Sculpture Reading bench, featuring inspirational words by the students. This large-scale concrete bench sculpture was designed and completed by a group of 18 dedicated 3rd – 5th grade students and is currently installed in its permanent home between the two classroom buildings in the new recreational area for the younger students.

For more check out the slideshow below:


2. Joyner Elementary School

Two projects were completed for Joyner this year with the help of 13 teachers and 329 students ranging for 1st-5th grade! To commemorate the school’s Jaguar mascot and name sake, olympic runner, Florence Griffith Joyner, we studied jaguars and their habitats as well as the prolific olympian’s story to best represent the school. Our explorations and design workshops with students resulted in the creation of a large wayfinding mosaic medallion of the school’s Jaguar mascot and the “Florence Griffith Joyner Mosaic Mural” which depicts the athlete in motion as she runs alongside a jaguar shadow which symbolizes her strength, courage, passion and spirit.

For more check out the slideshow below:


3. Hamilton Elementary School

The completion of Hamilton Elementary’s glorious new library sign and bench marks the close of two projects colorfully supporting the school’s culture of reading and art making! Both projects were created in partnership with our devoted Makers team of 2nd – 5th grade teachers and students with a total of 104 students participating in designing the mosaics and related hands-on activities. The large bench with a mosaic top will serve as a recreational area in front of the library for students to enjoy while the sign will act as a wayfinding icon. Design ideas including the theme of camping were proposed by students to represent the joy of outside activities as well as the “never Give UP” slogan which embodies the strong community of Hamilton school.

For more check out the slideshow below:


4. Edison Elementary School

65 students in Grade 5 participated in designing and hands-on mosaic workshops to create the “Edison Eagles” Mosaic Medallion which depicts the school mascot. The project was envisioned by the Principal, Jamie Lee, who inspiringly stated “this art project can help bring our community together and teach students about design thinking as they contribute to a permanent fixture on our campus for our community to enjoy. [This] will be a marker of what is possible for students to pursue beyond their schooling.”

For more check out the slideshow below:


5. Rowan Elementary School

This year, in tandem with 4 teachers and our young Makers, the Rowan Roadrunners, we revitalized the old roadrunner school logo for a more unique and modern marker of school pride! 101 students 3rd – 5th grade students (including one group of students with disabilities) studied the Roadrunner up close to understand the animal’s character and spot details. They then voted on the colors and possible landscapes during design sessions to create a one of a kind piece of community art personalized to represent Rowan Elementary School. The medallion is currently installed in its temporary location due to the major school renovations coming soon, but will later be moved to its permanent position on the front wall greeting students and school guests.

For more check out the slideshow below:


6. Euclid Elementary School

This two-year community art project involved 216 students in grades 3rd-5th in brainstorming ideas and designing the mosaics during the distance learning. Stepping into our 7th year of partnering with Euclid Elementary school, our preliminary plan was to continue the theme started by the Eagle mural back in 2013. This year, fueled by kids’ drawings and quotes, this project turned into “Creativity Wind” - a 44 ft long painted mural with 4 mosaic panels. Each panel conveys school values using artistic imagery and slogans created by students for their community including: “We’re here for you”, “Do your best” and “Be Creative”.

For more check out the slideshow below:


7. Franklin Elementary School

This year’s “Franklin Kite Bench”, was conceptualized and completed by 5 teachers and 80 4th – 5th grade student participants which were inspired by school symbols and the historic kite experiment carried out by Benjamin Franklin, for whom the school is named. The resulting community art project depicts children with kites, symbolizing the joy of learning and seeking for knowledge, along with other school values, highlighting the school's spirit and colors. The bench has been already installed in front of the main entrance to the school office, adding beauty to the school campus and welcoming every visitor and student.

For more check out the slideshow below:


8. Perkins Elementary School

Perkins is one of our “veteran” schools, with 13 years of partnership behind us. This year, we’re completing two projects that will not only beautify the school, but also serve as wayfinding icons. Two murals will now signify the main campus office. One mosaic will welcome students and visitors from the outside in the form of a mosaiced doorway colorfully inscribed with the words “main office” next to the school’s eagle medallion. The painted mural with mosaic letters was designed by students grade 3 and up and is nautically themed inspired by the school’s proximity to the ocean, with the office letters transformed into vibrant sea creatures.

For more check out the slideshow below:



Great job, Paradise school teams! Huge thank you to our partners & believers at the Paradise Rotary Club and Soroptimist International of Chico for your continued support.

1. Paradise Schools

With the generous support of Paradise Rotary Foundation, all of the Paradise Schools’ are bringing their mascots to life - Meet the Bobcat of Paradise HS, Black panther of Pine Ridge and Cedarwood Bear!

For more check out the slideshow below:


2. Pine Ridge Elementary School

Special thank you to the Soroptimist International of Chico for their generous support in bringing yet another beautiful piece of public artwork to Pine Ridge School. The beauty of the school’s treasured camelia bush and graceful silhouette of the black panther mascot were both factors which served as inspirations for student designs. All of the kids' ideas were transformed into the medallion and stunning stained glass for the Library.


3. The Diamond Hotel, City of Chico

Diamond Hotel - "The Ascent" mosaic mural: After 5 years of planning, designing, creating the prototypes, this giant mosaic mural has been completed and installed, adding to the charm of the historical Hotel Diamond in downtown Chico.

For more check out the slideshow below:


4. Caldwell Park, City of Redding

Caldwell Park, City of Redding - The Dragonfly Sculpture is an ambitious project envisioned almost a year ago, which is currently under construction. Stay tuned to see more progress on this project with Redding students participating in designing and building the mosaics for the foundation of the sculpture. Big thank you to Lura Wilhelm, University Prep School educator and Libertad Campo Periago Teacher at Tree of Life international Charter School for her support in connecting students to the arts.

For more check out the slideshow below:


5. Get to know the Rainforest ACT Program

First steps in the development and pilot of the new Rainforest ACT Program have been accomplished with the Colusa County Makers Team! Thanks to the generosity and support of the Wayne Cook Family, the Rainforest Art Projects supports programs throughout Northern California through its Art and Technology Center at 1951 Locust Street in Chico.

For more check out the slideshow below:



Featuring two schools which jumped on board regardless of all the difficulties and obstacles of distance learning and quarantine: Washington Elementary in El Centro and Dool Elementary in Calexico showed an outstanding commitment and completed the mosaics within a month as soon as schools opened! The unveiling ceremonies were a blast ;)

1. Washington Elementary School

Boosting school logo and spirit, the mosaic medallion inspired school logo update and is going to welcome all the students in the upcoming year. This is the first community mosaic project created by the Washington students, kudos to wonderful 5th Grade teacher, Ms. Claudia Ee, and her students, and energetic principal Joan Hanson.

For more check out the slideshow below:


2. Dool Elementary School

Keeping up their creative vibe started with the Dool Medallion back in 2019, this year’s mosaic serves as a continuation of the school theme and features the school slogan to inspire every student entering the campus. This project was completed by the wonderful Dool School Visual Arts Team team: Principal Korina Tabarez, after School STEAM Teachers and Ceremony Coordinators, Samuel Guttierez and Sugey Quezada who worked tirelessly with a group of 9 3rd – 6th grade students.

For more check out the slideshow below:



Congratulations to our Riverside School for their newest piece of public art! It has been an honor to serve you.

1. Norco Intermediate School

The long awaited "Norco Intermediate School Bobcat Mosaic Bench" was finally completed and installed this past year when the school shifted back to in-person in March. With generous funding from the PTSA, Mr. Neault's Advanced Art class was able to design and create this lasting piece of public artwork for generations to come. The bench is a part of Norco's "new look" initiative and will be placed in front of the library at the edge of the courtyard for students, visitors and teachers to enjoy.

For more check out the slideshow below:


Thank you to the California State Assembly and Senate for honoring us with two certificates of recognition!

We here at Rainforest Art Project consider it an incredible achievement for ourselves and those we strive to serve. Thank you for celebrating and supporting the successes of the Rainforest Family as we continue to work towards making positive change through collaborative community teamwork.


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