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Rainforest Art Project

Safety Disclosure

We have tumbled all of the glass we provide in our kits, which means the edges are less sharp than those of a regular cut or broken glass. Still, the mosaic process requires that you must wear safety goggles whenever you are breaking up mosaic materials. Chips can fly off at high speed over significant distances. Please remember that long sleeved clothing and gloves should be worn to protect your eyes and skin.

Also, at all times make sure you have got access to clean water and a first aid kit on hand with bandages in case you do cut yourself. 


Our projects contain small parts. 

Not for children under age 3. 

Children of age 7 and under should not be left unattended while working on the mosaic. 

Keep the glass, all small parts, adhesive and grouting material, glue and paint out of reach of children and pets. 



Contaminated skin should be washed with cold running water as soon as possible. Wash eye contamination for at least 10 minutes under a cold running tape and then go to hospital.

Open cups with care and mix carefully. Protect your skin using gloves and barrier cream. Wear a protective mask when mixing grout. 

We in no way take responsibility for any damage or injury caused. ​

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