New Connections: Level 1
Ages 5–8

Responsible Citizenship

New Connections: Level 1


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Kindness, courage, fairness, gratitude and teamwork are among the most important traits a person can have. Join us on an immersive quest to define responsible citizenship through folktales, mythology, and historical stories with lots of interactive projects and quizzes along the way! Our balanced, cross-curricular educational programs are engaging for both kids and adults, and are easy to run at home. Students are introduced to art concepts like patterns, texture, primary and secondary colors, and communicating emotions through art.





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✓ Colorful and informational WORKBOOK

✓ Access to educational and step-by-step instructional VIDEOS

✓ ALL necessary MATERIALS:
• Five big art projects packaged & labeled individually for each unit
• All ART supplies: Paints, paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, etc.
• All GENERAL supplies (pencil, glue, scissors, etc.)

✓ Unlimited support

✓ A legend from Athens; Symbolic representation and folk heroes in the USA; Stories about kids from Mexico & Europe, their friendship, kindness and courage.

✓ All about symbols; why do people use them & symbolic significance in art 

✓ Types of artworks (sculptures, paintings, etc.) & art media (materials)

✓ Genres of paintings (portrait, landscape, still life)

✓ Shapes in art

✓ Color (Identifying primary and secondary colors and using color wheel) 

✓ 15 art projects: Collage, Painting, Shading, “Thank You” Pop-up card, Drawing a self-portrait, 3D cut out project and so much more.

✓ This program is recommended for ages 7 and up. 

✓ It follows key objectives of 1st Grade social studies curriculum and it works the best after completing the New Connections Beginner program, "Animals of the World".

✓ Kids are able to do it on their own by simply following the workbook and the videos, however we highly recommend that you join them on this adventure. Together you will discover additional layers of the program and have fun bonding as you learn and create alongside one another.

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New Connections: Level 1


New Connections: Level 1