New Connections: Level 3
Ages 5–8

Local Communities

New Connections: Level 3



Understanding their local communities is a wonderful way for young learners to develop civic engagement and prepare to become active, responsible citizens. With its focus on the climate & geology of the region, infrastructure, jobs, and services, the New Connections Level 3 program builds a greater sense of what creates a community. Informative articles, interactive pages, and multiple hands-on art projects explore everything from dinosaurs to comic book superheroes! This engaging, cross-curricular program will deepen kids’ appreciation for their community, provide an opportunity to make contact with times past, and start thinking of how they can contribute to the welfare, safety, and happiness of others.





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✓ Colorful and informational WORKBOOK

✓ Access to educational and step-by-step instructional VIDEOS

✓ ALL necessary MATERIALS:
• Five big art projects packaged & labeled individually for each unit
• All ART supplies - paints, paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, etc.
• All GENERAL supplies (pencil, glue, scissors, etc.)

✓ Unlimited support

✓ Desert climate & adaptation; Inuit cultures of the Arctic tundra

✓ Geological History, Paleontology & Prehistoric fossils

✓ Look at the important jobs & types of community settlements

✓ Synonyms & Idioms

✓ The history of comic books & How to create narrative illustrations

✓ Speak as an Artist - Space; Value, Shades and Tints; Static & Active Lines; Movement, Rhythm & Repetition in art

✓ Unity and balance in architecture, sculpture and painting

✓ Content of the artwork & How artists communicate a message through art

✓ Study natural disasters and how to get prepared to them

✓ 15 art projects: Design a public mural, Watercolor and hatching, Oil Pastel Drawing, Cityscape paintings, How to color something white, Cartoon drawings, Fossil Stamps, and so much more.

✓ This program is recommended for ages 9 and up. 

✓ We encourage you to take New Connections Level 2, "World History", prior to beginning this one. However, if the topic “Local Communities” matches your learning objectives better, you can start right here, and go through previous levels later. 

✓ Kids are able to do it on their own by simply following the workbook and the videos, however we highly recommend that you join them on this adventure. Together you will discover additional layers of the program and have fun bonding as you learn and create alongside one another.

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Susan Meibaum


I am a mature student. I haven't studied art or drawn since I was in High School. On a whim I took the Watercolor Stories course. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it, and having fun with the course has been a highlight of my day for the last week.

Yes, I recommend this product

Denise Wong


My first project from RainForestArtProject, & it did not disappoint. Easy to follow instructions with all necessary tools included & I was brought to so much joy while creating my dragonfly. I've ordered 5 more kits since! Shipping was very prompt & great customer service! I look forward to ordering & completing my other glass art mosaic stepping stones. Thanks so much! [Originally posted on Etsy]

Yes, I recommend this product



I sent a frog and a fish to my daughter and her roommate, college students who are studying remotely and feeling isolated. They really enjoyed the process, and the finished product is beautiful. Shipping was fast, everything they needed, including tools, was included, and the instructions were perfect. I'm going to order another one for my niece, also a student stuck in her apartment on zoom all day. [Originally posted on Etsy]

Yes, I recommend this product



A beautiful mosaic kit with everything needed to complete your project, including tools. I bought two kits and made a larger project more than twice as big, so I needed more grout to match and the company was wonderful to work with to get me what I needed to create my work of art. Great product and great value for the money. [Originally posted on Etsy]

Yes, I recommend this product