Principles of Excellence
Ages 5–8

More Than an Art Program

Principles of Excellence



Principles of Excellence is more than just an art program: it is the result of years of creative collaboration between arts and education specialists. For our most advanced learners, this is a comprehensive all-inclusive course compiling all the fundamentals of art theory, history and practice. Each of the 7 units pairs a valuable life principle (such as Teamwork, Dedication, Commitment, and more) with a principle of art (such as Proportion, Symmerty, Color Theory, and more), seamlessly blending art-making with self-improvement. With 28 lessons total, each one packed with encouraging stories and instructional videos to guide the way, the creative possibilities are endless!





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✓ Colorful and informational WORKBOOK

✓ Access to educational and step-by-step instructional VIDEOS

✓ ALL necessary MATERIALS:
• Sketchpad, various art and watercolor papers
• Tempera and watercolor paints, paintbrushes and oil pastels
• Colored pencils, markers, fine-tip pen
• Full drawing set with charcoals, sepia, blending stick
• And more!

✓ Unlimited support

✓ Seven inspiring and educational stories, illustrating life values through the history of creating the most remarkable masterpieces of all time.

✓ Journey to The Statue of Liberty, The Chief Crazy Horse Memorial, Antoni Gaudi’s creations in Barcelona, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence

✓ Learn from Portrait masters of the past, great American landscape painters of the late 1800s, and French pioneers of the Impressionist movement

✓ Test your knowledge with Interactive assignments and Quizzes

Art Focus: Explore the artworks from different times and cultures to gain foundational understanding of the Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Speak as an Artist: Line in Art, Value and Form, Proportions, Ratio and Symmetry, Composition in Art, Texture and Patterns, Perspective, Properties of Color and Light, and so much more.

7 Art Quests: Immerse into art theory and connect it with what you see in an everyday life

✓ 28 Art Assignments & practice exercises that encourage hands-on implementation of the life principle, such as Teamwork, Commitment, Hard Work, and more

✓ Get familiar with different techniques & art media such as: charcoal & pencil drawings, dry & oil pastels, watercolor painting, and mixed techniques

✓ Learn how to build strong compositions; how to draw from life; how to create a full-value still-life drawing; how to build one-point and two-point perspective; how to use shading to add depth to your drawing; how to create color schemes & use color to reflect a certain mood

Art Reflection: Tips and tools for self-evaluation to keep track of personal progress

This program is recommended for ages 12 & up. It is designed to help you build more confidence in using the visual arts language and artistic tools. This program provides the foundation for a prolonged independent creative search and expression. We encourage you to experiment with materials and techniques after you complete the main assignments, and go over your favorite projects and themes again to explore the additional layers of the program.

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Susan Meibaum


I am a mature student. I haven't studied art or drawn since I was in High School. On a whim I took the Watercolor Stories course. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it, and having fun with the course has been a highlight of my day for the last week.

Yes, I recommend this product

Denise Wong


My first project from RainForestArtProject, & it did not disappoint. Easy to follow instructions with all necessary tools included & I was brought to so much joy while creating my dragonfly. I've ordered 5 more kits since! Shipping was very prompt & great customer service! I look forward to ordering & completing my other glass art mosaic stepping stones. Thanks so much! [Originally posted on Etsy]

Yes, I recommend this product



I sent a frog and a fish to my daughter and her roommate, college students who are studying remotely and feeling isolated. They really enjoyed the process, and the finished product is beautiful. Shipping was fast, everything they needed, including tools, was included, and the instructions were perfect. I'm going to order another one for my niece, also a student stuck in her apartment on zoom all day. [Originally posted on Etsy]

Yes, I recommend this product



A beautiful mosaic kit with everything needed to complete your project, including tools. I bought two kits and made a larger project more than twice as big, so I needed more grout to match and the company was wonderful to work with to get me what I needed to create my work of art. Great product and great value for the money. [Originally posted on Etsy]

Yes, I recommend this product