Mosaic Mirror

Mosaic Mirror


Our Mosaic Mirrors are easy enough for anyone to make!

Learn about the history of mosaics, different styles and techniques of mosaic making, and color theory. Instructional videos and tips from the workbook will help you to design, assemble, and decorate your mosaic mirror. Follow the Discussion section in the workbook to solidify new information, practice your geography with a Map Quiz, and analyze your creative experience with the Art Reflection questions. Workbooks are filled with inspirational images, interesting facts, and engaging activities.


This project is perfect for beginners. It will teach you the basics of mosaic concepts, and still challenge you with things you never knew before! Remember to be creative and let your imagination lead the way!

Grade Level
  • It may take up to 2–3 sessions of 1 hour each to complete the project. Appropriate for ages 5+.


    Sets include extra pieces to account for "happy accidents." 


    Designs shown in the photos are samples: 

    Use your imagination and follow the tips to create your own!

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