Mosaic Mirror
Ages 5–8

History of Mosaics

Mosaic Mirror



Are you interested in mosaics and not sure where to start? Our Mosaic Mirror project breaks down the basics of mosaic art with clear instructions and step-by-step videos for the creation of your very own custom mirror! Explore the history of this ancient art form and get inspiration from various styles of mosaics art around the world.





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✓ Colorful and informational WORKBOOK

✓ Access to educational and step-by-step instructional VIDEO & ONLINE art gallery

✓ ALL necessary MATERIALS:
• Mosaic Mirror Kit (with some extra pieces for “happy accidents) 
• Assorted glass tesserae
• Tempera paints and paint-mixing plate
• A wooden box with ruler and colored pencils
• All general supplies (pencil, glue, paintbrushes)

✓ Unlimited support

✓ Learn about the history and styles of mosaics from Iran to Morocco with beautiful inspirational images

✓ Explore color theory and tempera painting

✓ Build your mirror frame

✓ Design and assemble the mosaic

✓ Practice your knowledge with map and other interactive assignments

✓ It takes a few sessions to complete this project, approximately 2–3 hours total. 

✓ Recommended for ages 5 and up. Younger kids will need some adult support to assemble the frame.

✓ Kids are able to do it on their own by simply following the workbook and the videos, however we highly recommend that you join them on this adventure. Together you will discover additional layers of the program and have fun bonding as you learn and create alongside one another. 

✓ Designs shown in the photos are samples. Use your imagination and follow the tips to create your own!

✓ This project contains small parts. Keep the glass, all small parts, glue and paint out of reach of small children and pets.

✓ We have tumbled the glass pieces you’ll find in a kit, which means the edges are less sharp than those of glass that is just cut or broken. However, please make sure you have access to clean water and a first aid kit with bandages when you start working on mosaic.

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Aug 30, 2021

The creation of the mosaic was interesting in the way that it teaches the kids how to use their brain by trying to put tiny pieces together to create a picture.

Yes, I recommend this product

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Mosaic Mirror


Mosaic Mirror